I formed Viperspace in 2000 specifically to combat poor services that I had received from numerous outsourced IT firms that assisted me with IT projects for the medium sized company I worked for. I had experienced first hand that small and medium sized businesses need additional support and even though I was hiring the "big dogs" and paying big rates, I was receiving substandard service as well as horrible communication.

I felt that these companies were motivated to sell me expensive solutions and invoice hours without ever asking what the real objectives were and how we as a team could help the business overcome its challenges and grow.  I found that there was truly a quality gap in what IT providers were offering and what the business really needed.  Due to these reasons I formed Viperspace.  It is our mission to provide right-sized enterprise grade solutions to our small and medium sized clients that focus strictly on their business objectives without breaking the bank.

 I am personally available to every one of our clients and yes, every client has my personal cell phone number.  Stop getting stuck in the "chain of command" with your current provider and call us here at Viperspace as we are your true IT department.

Warmest Regards;

Adam Ungelbach
Viperspace Inc.

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