Adam S. Ungelbach - President & CEO

Adam formed Viperspace in 2000 and has been providing IT solutions and personalized technical strategy to his clients ever since.

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Your Virtual CIO

Adam affords small and medium business executive management teams a hands-on, unbiased approach at solving business issues with IT solutions.  Adam has provided senior management teams at numerous organizations his expertise to assess existing IT environments and provide turn-key solutions to solve IT issues that promote compliance and higher profitability for the organization.

Adam offers complete IT assessment and resource requirement planning for CEO’s and engineers IT roadmaps to solve technological issues within the organization. Security & Compliance are vital to the sustainability of any business. Adam focuses on data access control, perimeter security and secure remote access to ensure his clients’ data is protected from external and internal threats. Adam has significant experience designing systems which meet SOX, HIPAA & PCI compliance requirements.

Creating Operational Excellence Through IT Solutions

He has particular expertise in integrating existing business processes into integrated database solutions which streamline project rollout and significantly reduce user training and enhance project acceptance. Integrated Business Intelligence and Real Time KPI Dashboards enable faster identification of issues and data driven solutions in lean management environments.

Scope creep and incorrect solution design are the primary causes for projects to be completed out of budget or not completed at all.  Adam takes a holistic approach at the initial project identification, design and execution to keep the project on track to solve business issues while staying within the project budget. He has transformed and optimized hundreds of networks driving profitability, visibility and accountability through IT solutions on a “pay as you grow” basis.

Customized & Cost Effective Business Solutions 

Adam takes a vendor neutral approach at identifying IT products and services.  This approach results in the implementation of proper solutions, not solutions that vendors are “selling” you.  Adam works with a variety of vendors and brings best of breed products and services to the table.

Adam’s lean approach at transforming IT departments offers his clients a robust, secure & agile IT environment at the lowest possible cost. Providing scalable cutting edge solutions based on industry best practices which promote productivity, compliance and higher profitability. As an alternative to on-premise based solutions, Integrated hybrid cloud solutions are one element to delivering maximum resiliency and agility to a network while minimizing capital expenditures.