I worked with the Viperspace Team over the last 3 years while they provided products and managed services to our organization. During that time, I saw them conduct site surveys, coordinate system design activities, installations, testing, training, start-up support, troubleshooting and documentation. They facilitated the design, implementation and acceptance support for hardware solutions. In short, they consistently delivered comprehensive solutions that met the operations technical needs.

What is more impressive is “How” they performed as a trusted consultant. Our dedicated Viperspace professional fit into our working environment and had a professional working attitude. He ensured the following: that everyone knew what was to be delivered; that bugs were fixed quickly; that all work processes were clear and suitable for the task at hand; and, that should the scope of the work suddenly change the client knew what happened and the impact of the change in terms of time to completion, cost and project management. They worked at maintaining excellent communications channels between them and us, the client. The Viperspace Team always delivered the project and then made sure we were happy with what had been delivered.

It is said that finding a knowledgeable systems consultant is the easy part, but finding one that assesses and then fits within your culture so they may successfully deliver a product or managed service is the much tougher part. Adam Ungelbach (through Viperspace) is the consultant that can deliver ALL aspects.

In summary, I highly recommend Adam and the Viperspace team to any small or mid-size company requiring systems / technology solutions.

Tim C.
South Lyon, MI