Our business has been around for 45 years in Oakland County.

We have tried to remain on the cutting edge of technology throughout the years, and have worked with several IT firms and consultants since we first computerized in 1986.

We have never been more satisfied than we are now, with Viperspace as our IT support company.

We have been with Viperspace since 2007 and they have been our trusted advisor as we went from a 5 computer office to a 30 computer network. Adam Ungelbach, our primary technician, has proven to be incredibly knowledgeable in the field of IT and we have come to rely heavily on his insight and advice over the past years. He is readily available when questions or problems arise and exhibits a real talent for explaining issues and solutions in terms that we can understand. He also has a great sense of humor that comes in handy during server installations!

The Viperspace Team has a keen sense of our hardware needs and seems to always hit the mark with their recommendations. We recently purchased a 3D Landscape Design software package that kept choking on my old work station. Adam examined the software requirements and chose a machine that is more than simply adequate to run this program. It has made a world of difference and our resulting 3D presentation was a large factor in us being awarded a $250,000 project. Rather than push us to purchase hardware that completely exceeds our needs, he keeps an eye on our growth pattern and chooses the best option for now and the near future.

When Adam installs a system, he educates us so that we become able to use it to its full potential. He has a way of explaining technical issues in a manner that is understandable. And he is incredibly patient as we go thru our learning curve. Even when I have had to ask the same question multiple times, he sticks with me until I master the process. He is very easy to work with.

Recently, one of our new HP desktops had a hard drive go down. With our 24 hour on-site warranty service, we were up and running within a day. When the HP Technician came to replace the hard drive, he commented on how well-designed our system is and what a good job our IT person is doing in providing a mirrored hard drive configured for just such an emergency. Thanks to Adam’s well thought out configuration, our GM lost no data and was able to resume his work promptly.

More than once I have emailed Viperspace support, sometimes after hours, regarding an issue that I could not figure out. My requests are acknowledged promptly and a solution is always created. Adam is relentless. I appreciate his willingness to go to any lengths to achieve what we want our system to do for us. Once he joined a conference call with a software company for me. Although our issue was not Adam’s responsibility, he spoke with the company representative and solved the problem within 5 minutes after the rep and I had been struggling for over an hour.

I would highly recommend the Viperspace team to any company who wants to grow, stand out among the competition, and maximize the potential of their company.

Kathy M.
Lake Orion, MI